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VIRAL: 'How to Fight a Baby' Causes a Stir

Gaving McGinnis explains how to fight a baby

It's no secret: Babies can be vicious. They're hair-pullers and face swatters ... and they just love to kick at you during particularly treacherous diaper changes. Oh, and ever tried to wear dangly earrings around one? Big mistake. (BIG.)

No matter; Vice co-founder and writer Gavin McInnis has developed a short and sweet how-to video that will teach you the finer arts of baby defense. Signature moves include the sleeper hold, tickle torture and the ultimate baby kryptonite: wind.

The viral video, which swept the Internet yesterday, has racked up millions of views and cause Redditors to share their own tactics. But not everyone's laughing. Some YouTube commenters have said it makes light of child abuse, and HuffPost wondered aloud if it goes too far. (Particularly those baby free-falls.)

See for yourself:

What do you think? Hilarious or too much?

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