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Men More Excited by Cars Than Babies: Surprising?

Sport car
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sure, we can get excited about a fast car: They get us where we want to go faster and often look pretty nice, too. But when it comes to what we'd choose first in a battle between a Maserati and a crying baby—there's no contest. At least for us.

A new study commissioned by Swedish carmaker, Volvo has turned up different results when it comes to men. The main difference? The purr of a cool sports car get's their engines going (we had to) more than an upset baby.

The study hooked men and women up to sensors that examined electrical impulses in their brains. Participants were shown various images ranging from pictures of men and women with varying attractiveness, plain cars and cool cars and crying babies. The results showed that "the strongest brain impulses among men was to a picture of a beautiful woman, followed by that of a curvy 'concept' coupe with a crying baby picture down in third."

This makes us pause a little: Who exactly participated in the study? We could understand these results for many men (but the majority?) and what about their ages—this ranking seems natural for young men, say college students or twentysomethings, but new parents? Perhaps the prolonged sleep deprivation has this kind of influence?

On the other end of the spectrum, the women "reacted strongest to the image of a baby and then to the picture of an attractive man more than any feelings towards a beautiful motor."

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