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VIRAL: Kid's 'Dear Santa' Letter Does Amazon Proud

Kid's Santa letter goes viral
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

We've seen our fair share of hilarious 'Dear Santa' letters over the years. There was that kid one year who was gravely concerned about Santa's Type II diabetes (so she skipped the milk and cookies and left fruit salad instead). And the one who just wanted to bring joy and happiness to his community ... by way of Santa bringing them McDonald's.

But this year, one nameless tot sent his own awesome Santa letter into the abyss, and decided to take a more direct approach: by supplying Kris Kringle with the exact Amazon URL to his gift of choice. (Because, really, does it get much more helpful than that?) And, yes, he took the time to painstakingly write out all 50+ characters in the URL:

Uploaded to Twitter, thanks to @Gequeoman, the hilarious missive made the rounds this weekend before some clever Reddit user decided to type in the ridiculously long URL... and discover that the mystery gift is in fact a $20 killer whale-themed race car. (Totally worth it.)

Image via Twitter

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