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Fitness Model Mom Slammed After Post-Baby Selfie

Fitness model mom sparks backlash

Nearly everyone struggles with some baby body loathing every now and again—from stretch marks to saddlebags to wondering when that belly is going to return to normal already. And when it comes to the celeb world, the post-baby body race to be thin is kind of a beast all its own, with new moms whittling back down to nothing almost immediately and leaving us all to wonder just how they do it.

Sometimes we applaud their amazing new bodies vigorously—ahem, Kate Middleton—and other times we kind of roll our eyes in disbelief and say it's all a big sham, à la Kim Kardashian. (Which, if Tori Spelling has taught us anything recently, it very well might be sometimes.)

But in the end, don't we all just seem to care a little too much?

Take the case of Norwegian fitness model Caroline Berg Eriksen, whose impeccable post-baby bod has sent tongues wagging—and not in a good way. Just four days after giving birth, the new mom (who is also the wife of pro footballer Lars-Kristian), posted an Instagram selfie of what can only be described as a totally flawless bod, clad in lingerie. There are no stretch marks. There are no saddlebags. And, most notably, there is absolutely no sign of a pregnancy pouch whatsoever.

Cue the mommy blogger fury.

Writer Suzanne Aabel said the shot was "wildly provocative" (which, OK, depending on your personal beliefs, is a bit racy) and even wondered if Berg Eriksen "belonged to the same species." Ouch!

"Not just because I'm the chubby girl who's envious of her petite figure," continued Aabel, "but because I began to despise my own body when I was about 12."

Another commentator said: "Is it really necessary to post a halvnakent [half-naked] picture of themselves?! It's just to show off, thinking's not much on how that image can affect readers."

Others expressed their outright disbelief that such a photo could be taken so soon after birth. As Instagram user laurajanewilkes posted: "Can she look like this 4 days after???"

MamaMia blogger Rebecca Sparrow called the image "obscene" in a post titled "This Is Not a Selfie. It's an Act of War on Women." (Hmmm... just a hair dramatic, no?)

After thousands more comments flooded her Instagram account this week, Eriksen was prompted to respond on her Facebook page. "I let out the picture because I'm proud of myself and my body for something as tough as a pregnancy / birth, and I think all mothers, regardless of the body shall be," she wrote.

Speaking with The Local, a Norwegian doctor defended the fitness model and reminded moms that every body responds differently to pregnancy, so comparing ourselves to others helps no one. "Life is unfair, some people have flat stomachs while others have pouts," said Gro Nylander, head of the women's clinic at the Norwegian National Hospital.

"The most important thing is to be kind to your body," she continued. "It's a positive thing to have a few extra kilos on your body after birth."

What are your thoughts on the image? Annoying and irritating, or no big deal?

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