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Mom to Son: Get a 'Yes' Text Before Sex

Mom suggests son gets 'yes' text before sex
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sending your kids off to college can be rough for a ton of different reasons. You worry that they'll make enough friends, that they'll adjust to dorm life and that they won't flunk out after all that money you're paying each month. And then there are the slightly darker worries. The drugs, the drinking too much ... and even the very real risks of sexual assault, which believe it or not happen to roughly 97,000 students a year.

It's that last stat in particular that weighed on the mind of Roxanne Jones when she sent her son off to college recently. So the writer and founding editor of ESPN magazine decided to send him off with an unconventional parting gift—and a few words of advice he'll probably never forget. She gave him a "duffel bag full of 300 condoms" and told him to watch out for "stupid party girls." What's more, she suggested he get a "text message of consent" from a girl before he sleeps with her.

Jones wrote about her advice to her son last week in a piece for CNN, where she pointed out that nearly every week "we hear news stories about sexual encounters at parties where everyone is drinking—and a young woman says she was raped, and a young man insists the encounter was consensual." Jones's advice, she says, is merely a way to make clear what an alcohol-fueled night may otherwise confuse.

While some commentators chimed in to agree with Jones, there were many others who found the advice to be ... well, kinda crazy. And it wasn't long before they took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Jessica W. Luther tweeted: ‏"Reading that piece, I can't help but think that Roxanne Jones does not understand how consent works."

Even CNN's own Brooke Baldwin called out the obvious awkwardness of asking a person to text you their OK in the moment. "Imagine a guy saying to you—'Hey, I’ll sleep with you, but I need you to TEXT ME consent first'. Hmmm," she tweeted.

What do you think of Jones's advice? Think it's a little out there, or does she have a point?

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