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Real-Life Fox and Hound Story

If you've never seen National Geographic's series on unlikely animal friends, go now. Among the list of best friends are a dog and an elephant, and an orangutan and a hound. Basically, it's one of the cutest things ever. But it seems too good to be true, right? Not the case, especially with these two adorable friends.

This dog and fox are best of friends and play together in the woods of Norway. The dog's owner, Torgeir Berge, a photographer, lives in the woods with his pup and began to observe the odd relationship one day and began taking photos.

Sniffer and Tinni (the fox and hound, respectively) romp around in the woods, snuggle up for naps and do other adorable activities.

The best part about the relationship is that it's inspired Tinni's owner to campaign against the fox fur trade in Norway. "Why should some animals be in small, narrow claustrophobic cages without freedom just because ... human kind wants to look good?" he noted about the treatment of caged foxes.

He's also working on a book, The Fox and the Dog, which will detail the pair's relationship in a series of fairy tales.

See more of their adorable photos here.

Image via Torgeir Berge

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