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Parents Look to Tech for Holiday Gifts

Men hands hold tablet touch computer with a gift
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

We're nostalgic for the days of stocking stuffers like candy, cute, little accessories and toys that don't have a touch screen. But we may have to give up that outdated view of what the holidays once looked like, according to a new survey on what parents are gifting their kids this year.

Sure, we're still going to get candy canes and sweaters our children will want to return, but what they may not be able to put down are what comes next: the tech gifts.

According to a PBS KIDS survey, more than half of parents are planning on purchasing a tech gift for their child, and 28 percent of those gifts will probably be tablets. Surprisingly, they even kicked out video game consoles and hand-held video game players from their normal top tech spot.

Plus, we're going the extra mile by purchasing apps to go on those tablets. But not just any apps—parents are looking for ones that don't advertise to kids, have some educational value, a good price and have characters that their kids know and love.

What about you—are you splurging for a tech gift this year or opting for a more traditional route?

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