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The Reason You Love Chocolate So Much (Or Not)

Luxury chocolate
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you're like us, you can hardly go a day without chocolate. Somehow, a morsel or two has to be worked into your daily diet. While some might call that addiction, we call it good food. Plus, the Mayo Clinic has even gone on record about how chocolate has tons of health benefits!

New research has been released to give some background as to why we crave chocolate every day. According to scientists at the Institute of Clinical Physiology in Pisa, Italy, they say that some people's brains are simply hard-wired to enjoy chocolate and other sweets more than others ... so it's not just us!

Apparently, our brains are "sent into euphoria" by chocolate. (We could have told them that.) Unfortunately, some people's brains "barely register the taste of an unhealthy treat," that's why they have no problem saying 'no' to sweets. Some people simply need more stimuli to get the same amount of pleasure that others get from things like chocolate.

Some studies have shown that fatty or sugary foods might have addictive properties, but a doctor on the study said, "There is not a specific substance in the food [...] that can be held responsible," for addictive behavior.

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