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Naughty or Nice? Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Detective Strikes Again

Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Detective is back

It seems like whenever you put Jimmy Kimmel in the same room as a kid, magic happens, which is why we love watching his hilarious "Lie Detective" skits, where he plays a fictitious detective in search of the truth—even if it means he has to wrangle it out of an unsuspecting 5-year-old.

This time, the Lie Detective's on a mission to see whether or not kids belong on Santa's Naughty or Nice lists; and a little boy named Fletcher is first up in the hot seat. Hooked up to the lie detector machine—aka an upside-down pasta strainer rigged with some lights—Fletcher is grilled on all his misdeeds from 2013. And while he swears he's been good all year, the same cannot be said for his little brother Sammy, according to Fletcher. Yep, when faced with the Lie Detective's tough questions, Fletcher sure throws Sammy under the bus fast.

Sammy is called in next for questioning, and gets quizzed on all that vicious tackling he's been doing to his older brother lately. (It's pretty adorable.) But things really get good once Sammy and Fletcher are questioned at the same time, and are forced to literally kiss and make up. Sammy thinks that idea is pretty much the worst, and doesn't do much to hide that fact from the cameras.

See for yourself:

Image via YouTube

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