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3-D Simulator Shows Birth Like We've Never Seen It

3D simulator shows birth as we've never seen

In case you've ever wondered just what exactly giving birth looks like from the inside—and we do mean really wondered—there's now a computer simulator that can show it to you in crisp, 3-D quality.

As LiveScience reports, the program isn't just a simulator to show newbie parents what the birthing process looks like; it's designed to be patient-specific, taking into account a mom's body type and shape, as well as baby's weight, shape and position, to show different birthing scenarios in realistic images. This versatility is exactly what has researchers hoping to use it for training purposes, so doctors and midwives can prepare for risky or unusual births.

"You can't see inside during a live birth," said Rudy Lapeer, lead researcher and computer scientist at the University of East Anglia. "The simulator shows you what's happening inside."

Considering that most doctors learn about childbirth on mannequins or by watching live births, this new 3-D simulator could really help bring things into the 21st century—in more ways than one.

Doctors could even use the simulator to predict whether or not certain pregnancy complications might make a vaginal delivery more risky. For example, if a baby has macrosomia, and weighs significantly more than average, doctors could use the simulator to see if a C-section would be a wiser course of action, to avoid things like shoulder dystocia.

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