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Airline Got Coveted Gifts for Passengers Onboard Flight

If nothing, it's quite an impressive feat.

Things started out interesting enough: Families about to board their plane flight noticed an interesting interactive screen in the airport in place of the usual boarding pass scanner. Intrigued, they went to see what the buzz was all about—a Santa (dressed in his traditional garb but in blue) was communicating with them via the screen, asking them (and their kids) what they wanted for the holidays.

From big screen televisions to tablets, to something as simple as new socks, passengers made their requests to the man in blue pajamas. He wished them a merry Christmas and they all went on their flight as planned. But what happened next was remarkable.

In the time the flyers were in the air, West Jet teams went out and bought every single requested gift, wrapped them, and had them ready just in time for the packages to arrive on the baggage claim carousel as the families arrived.

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There were shouts of glee, tears and smiles all around as the unsuspecting people opened their packages. Some even got plane flights home for the holidays that they had asked from Santa. See all the joy in the video below:

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