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Want to Turn Your Baby Into a Human Burrito? Now You Can

New baby burrito swaddle is all the rage

If you're one of those people who kind of want to eat their baby up (as was very weirdly proven by science earlier this year), better hang on to your hat: Now you can literally turn your baby into a human burrito. OK, so maybe not literally; but close enough.

Bon Vivant Baby, a California-based company that makes food-inspired fashions for tots, has launched the "Tortilla Baby Swaddle," specifically designed to make your baby look like a mini burrito. (Because really, isn't that what every parent wants?)

The idea for the swaddle came to Bon Vivant Baby founder Katharine Harlan Owens after she apparently attended one-too-many showers where her friends talked about the so-called "burrito effect." (Or, what happens when one's swaddled baby looks like a wrapped-up, tasty burrito.) The wheels started turning, and as Owens later told TIME, she soon had a design for a tortilla-themed swaddle that "looks like the real thing!" as the Web site now boasts.

A little weird? Maybe. But Owens insists it's not to be taken too seriously. "It's just a fun way to make your baby look edible," she explains of her yummy creation.

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Meanwhile, the swaddles are selling like hotcakes—at $48 a pop! And for those who just can't get enough: Owens will be following up her burrito success with a baby sushi blanket, egg roll, and crepe blanket this January, so you can buy a whole menu's worth of swaddles. (All with matching hats, of course.)

Bon appetit!

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