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Son Finds Touching Letters From Dad, After His Passing

Son finds dad's letters to him, after his passing
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Better get the tissue box ready. (No, seriously, go get it now.)

It was just this past Thanksgiving that Reddit user pantathlonme (real name: Erich) sadly lost his father to cancer. But this week, while rummaging through his father's things, he came across a few unexpected treasures dad left behind: two handwritten notes made out to Erich.

The first was written on Erich's first day of school, back in 1979. Young Erich was just 6 years old, and dad wanted to let him know a few things—namely, that he loved him (and never to forget that), but also to remind him to always be good to people, no matter what.

Getting emotional yet? Just wait.

The second letter was penned on Erich's 13th birthday, when he was entering into that particularly rough teenage phase parents just love. It's clear by dad's words that things between the two haven't been easy lately, and this time, his life lessons run much deeper. But he still has the same main message to Erich: he will always love him, no matter what.

Sharing more of his story in the comments thread of his post, Erich wrote:

Dad was always making fun of his cancer. He was upset when he got turned down for a free trip to Disney for kids with cancer, not serious of course. When he got really bad we decided to let him know it would be ok, that we would be ok. I held his hand and said "Dad just to let you know, I'll be ok." He looked up patted me on the back of the head and said "I know and so will I." That was the last thing he said to me.

So touching.

Image via Reddit

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