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Mom Tosses Toddlers out Burning Building to Safety

Yesterday, Danielle Doughty did the unspeakable. After her house went up in flames, she thought, "How can I save my children?" Her twin boy and girl toddlers and her teenage daughter were trapped on the second floor with her, without a way to escape the flames safely.

Doughty thought on her feet: She called down to her cousin who was on the sidewalk outside—he needed to catch her children after she tossed them out the second-story window, NBC reported. (To give you an idea, the average height of one residential story is about 12 feet.)

We can only imagine the thoughts going through Doughty's head—what if he doesn't catch them; what if they get hurt; what if I can't let go? But she did and the twins made it to the ground, safe and sound.

Next, Doughty took the jump; her cousin broke her fall enough to only have some small leg injuries. Finally, Doughty's teenage daughter jumped; fortunately her cousin also broke her fall. If he hadn't been there, her injuries to her head and legs could have been much worse.

The eight other residents who were in the building at the time made it out safely, and no one had to be hospitalized.

Image Richard Harbus/New York Daily News

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