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Teen Sings Spot-on Cover of Elvis' 'Blue Christmas'

Teen covers Elvis' "Blue Christmas"

Ask most 16-year-olds what they're listening to these days, and chances are it isn't Elvis. But for David Thibault of Quebec, Canada, the King—who died a good 20 years before David was even born—is his music idol. In fact, David's actually perfected the art of singing like the infamous Rock 'n' Roll god. And we don't just mean he does a little lip-quivering and hip-shaking while he strums a guitar. We mean he sounds exactly like a recording of the King himself. And you have to see it to believe it.

The teen recently stopped by Quebec's local CKOI radio station, where he delivered an uncanny performance of "Blue Christmas." In fact, his pitch-perfect version was so good, he had listeners doubting their own ears.

And we don't blame them. Here's the clip of David's spot-on cover of "Blue Christmas" on CKOI:

…and here's the real recording of Elvis singing the same song:

Can you tell the difference? We can't!

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