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Military Dad Surprises Daughter—and She Can't Let Go

Military dad returns from war, and daughter won't let go

Well here's a sweet video to combat your Monday blues...

Last Thursday, Sergeant Sedale Benjamin returned to his hometown of Detroit, Mich., for the first time in over a year. Having been stationed in Korea since December 2012, the one thing Benjamin missed most was seeing his 4-year-old daughter, Nevaeh. After all, he had missed so many big moments in her life—from birthdays to holidays to first days of school.

So when he learned he'd be on leave for a full 30 days, he decided to keep his homecoming a secret from her—and surprise the little preschooler while she was in class.

Let's just say the surprise went over really well. So well, in fact, that the second that little Nevaeh spotted her dad walking into her classroom at Children's Center Head Start Academy, she ran into his arms to give him massive hug—and literally didn't let go. "Daddy!" she said. "I missed you."

WJBK-TV cameras caught the entire sweet reunion, as teachers and family members tearfully looked on.

Nevaeh's mom, Ramona Benjamin, told reporters that her little girl has been praying for her dad to return all year, and that every time she sees a plane fly overhead, she asks for her dad to come back, since she last saw him leave on one.

Understandably, Benjamin was overcome with emotion as well during the reunion. "I really want to cry right now but I'm trying to hold it in," he told WXYZ-TV. "I haven't seen her for a whole year."

So how does he plan to spend the next 30 days of his leave time? According to Benjamin, he'll be doing whatever Nevaeh wants. "She's the boss," he told reporters.

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Image via Fox News

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