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'Miracle Twins' Born Eight Days Apart

Miracle twins born 8 days apart

A pair of twin brothers from Bermuda are making headlines for their amazing birth story, after being born not only three months premature, but also eight days apart.

It all started when their mom, Edonna Bean, was rushed to the hospital at 18 weeks. Her second amniotic sac had burst, and one of the babies was in trouble. Doctors told her to prepare for a miscarriage.

As Bean later told Global News: “The emergency department in Bermuda, they were like, ‘Let’s focus on twin B, because twin A’s not going to survive." But Bean wouldn't give up on Baby A so easily; she knew he had more fight in him.

"I was saying to myself, you know, 'How can they say that when he's still breathing, his heart's still going?'" she said. "And I said to [my unborn baby], 'You know, as long as you're fighting, so am I.'"

Bean would have to be airlifted to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where another hospital could fully accommodate everything she and her babies needed; but their will to survive never faltered. It was there on November 25 that Baby A (later named Emyr) was born at just 1 pound, 14 ounces. But incredibly, he's been growing and doing well ever since—despite what the doctors had thought. It was then that they also learned the baby had lasted 8 weeks without amniotic fluid. Apparently, his brother had stayed high enough in Bean's uterus to protect him.

Eight days later, on December 3, Baby B ("Esai") was born at just 2 pounds, 7 ounces. And according to all reports, both boys seem to be thriving under the circumstances. In fact, mom has said both are "blowing the doctors' minds" with how healthy they are.

"I’m honestly speechless when I look at these two children to know just weeks ago their future looked so grim, and now they’re here and thriving,” Bean told Bermudan news outlet the Royal Gazette.

While Emyr and Esai are definite miracles, their eight-days-apart birth is actually not the longest on record for twins. Just last year, a mom in Ireland gave birth to twins a whopping 87 days apart!

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