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Watch 25 Years of Christmas Mornings, All in 3 Minutes

25 Years of Christmas morning, captured on film

When you're a kid, Christmas mornings are clearly the best part about the whole day and, arguably, the ones you tend to remember most. Waking up at the crack of dawn, remembering that Santa had just visited and bestowed greatness in your living room, and running down the stairs like a crazy person because you just knew that Barbie Dream House was ready and waiting for you down there. Yep, Christmas mornings are the best.

Now imagine your dad filmed you running down the stairs to your gifts—for the last 25 years. For the Confolone family, their father did just that, and his son, Nick, sweetly edited it all together to show each and every trip down the stairs for the last quarter century, in a totally heartwarming three-minute clip. Though it was originally posted in 2010, it's making the rounds again this year, for obvious reasons.

Take a look:

P.S. It looks like Nick caught the filmmaker bug his dad did; he now posts funny Vines starring his baby. As he recently told TriBeca Film's Web site, "I guess videotaping my kid is an inherited trait."

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