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Missouri Mom Facing Jail Time for Topless Photo

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Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mari Hieken, of Wentzville, Mo., is facing potential jail time after a lewd photo with her teenage daughter was circulated around local high schools. The photo showed Hieken and her 14-year-old daughter topless in their hot tub.

The photo was taken just over a month ago and was soon after posted on SnapChat, an app that only allows users to view sent information for a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, the image made its way around two high schools, one of which the 14-year-old's brother attended.

Fifty-year-old Hieken claims she had no clue her other daughter was taking a photo, nor that it would be shared over social media. While that may be the case, we still can't help but wonder why Hieken was topless in a hot tub with her young daughter. Doesn't that seem a little inappropriate to you?

The mother is being charged with misdemeanor child endangerment and could face up to a year in jail.

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