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Sign Up for Amazon Mom ... With or Without a Baby

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Photograph by Getty Images/BananaStock RF

We love when retail companies offer discounts for families and mothers. Not only does it show that they care about how tough it can be to raise a family (and how expensive), but it also says a lot about the company's beliefs and environment. Those are the types of places we can get behind.

When it comes to buying things online, it's often so much easier—especially for busy moms and dads—to just get something quickly rather than making another trip to the mall. And that's why sites like Amazon.com are so handy. Plus, their Amazon Mom discount offers 20 percent off purchases for parents, caregivers or just general family members who already have Amazon Prime.

Great incentive, it turns out, not only for moms, but everyone and their mom. A recent Slate article pointed out the flaw in the system—the company doesn't check or verify any of the information ... so a teenage boy could sign up, for all they know.

So we tested it out. And it's true: A friend of ours who has Prime and is in no way pregnant, expecting or adopting signed up and was automatically eligible to receive an even bigger bonus for having Prime (20 percent off and free 2-day shipping is incredible).

We've got to hand it to Amazon; while they may not have meant to hand out discounts like it's ... er, Christmas, it's nice. It's also pretty humorous, and we're just wondering how long it will take them to catch on. Hopefully not until we order some more chips, dog food and tissues.

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