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Pregnant Ballerina Strikes Beautiful Pose

Pregnant ballerina stuns in photo series

For most women, getting photographed in a leotard at 9 months pregnant sounds like the stuff of nightmares. But not for Mary Helen Bowers. The mom-to-be and ballerina has been posing bare legged and en pointe for photographs throughout her pregnancy–and sharing them all with her Instagram followers. (Just scroll down and you'll see, each one is more breathtaking than the next.)

"I've found the entire process of being pregnant to be such a miraculous, beautiful time," Bowers told The Huffington Post via email last week. "As a first-time mom I am so excited! My instinct has been not only to capture this special time, but [also] to share it with others, too. Pregnancy is magical, I've never felt more connected to my body. Looking back I'm so happy that I've taken so many photos and really documented the different stages."

Whether or not you found the actual state of being pregnant as pleasant and "magical" as Bowers, one thing's for sure: she sure makes being pregnant in a leotard look good. And that's probably because the mom and trainer has been in the fitness and ballet biz for some time now. Aside from founding the fitness company Ballet Beautiful, Bowers also has a pretty sweet gig as a Victoria's Secret trainer, getting models fit to walk the runway.

Still, Bowers admits that not everyone is necessarily comfortable with her pregnancy portraits.

"Even in 2013, the image of a pregnant woman embracing her figure and really putting it out there can be scary to some people, but I don't let that stand in my way and I don't think other women should either," she continued in her email to HuffPost. "My company, Ballet Beautiful, is built around celebrating the strength and femininity of the female body -- for me pregnancy has just been an extension of that."

Images via Instagram

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