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Plastic Surgery Apps Flooding the Market

Very few men and women are 100 percent happy with their bodies. We may dream of getting something done, but actually undergoing plastic surgery is out of the question for many—whether it's not wanting to permanently change our bodies, or lack of funds or because going under the knife is scary enough when it's for something you need rather than something you simply desire. But much like everything else these days, there is an app for that.

Yes, you can now take photos of yourself before and then see how a certain feature (face, breasts, waist) looks, post-op. Hundreds of apps, many free, are now available for anyone to download—meaning they don't ask for your age. Teenage girls are already body obsessed and deal with constant pressures to be slim and beautiful, to mimic what they see in magazines and on TV. By adding apps like these to the picture (they also allow users to share their before and after photos with other members) the pressures could only worsen. It could mean that girls who were simply playing around with the app might ultimately consider plastic surgery because of pressure from their peers after seeing the 'after' results.

But what's not portrayed is the in-between process; the bruising, the complications, the long recovery process, the pain after surgery, the expense. These apps simply show the beautiful, unblemished results, not the ugly side of plastic surgery.

Image via Daily Mail

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