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Kids Surprise Parents With Puppy in 'Lion King' Performance

Kids present parents with puppy through Lion King dance

Getting gifts from your kids on Christmas certainly changes through the years. When they're little, you get handed lots of adorable DIY crafts from school, poorly wrapped and signed by them for posterity. Popsicle houses hanging together by glue, a wildly decorated Christmas tree made out of construction paper ... it's all pretty adorable.

When they get older, the gifts sadly lose some of that charm and adorableness; but hey—they do get a lot cooler...

Take this weekend's latest viral Christmas video. In it, a couple's four grown kids decide to surprise them with a puppy. But they aren't about to simply present the pup the old-fashioned way, by having it jump out of a box with a bow around its neck or something. Oh, no. Obviously they had to bring it out during a pre-choreographed song and dance number set to the Lion King's "Circle of Life." (Duh.)

The wacky, but hilarious video was posted to Reddit by one of the kids and then quickly found its way to the four corners of the Internet. (Where it is now giving adult children everywhere really weird ideas for next Christmas.) Check it out:

(And you thought your kids were a bit nutty...)

Image via YouTube

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