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Devoted Dad Saves Baby's Life (and Just Wait Until You Hear How)

Dad loses 30 lbs. to save daughter's life

Shedding 30 pounds is no small feat, least of all when you do it in an incredibly short span of two months. But that's exactly what one new dad did recently. And it was all to save the life of his baby girl.

According to Good Morning America, Illinois dad Eduardo Camargo was the first to step in when he learned daughter Jazlyn needed a liver transplant to survive. It was April 2012, and she had just been diagnosed with biliary atresia, a condition that causes bile to build up in the liver. If left untreated, little Jazlyn would most certainly die.

She was just 5 months old.

Immediately, Camargo knew that he would be her donor. There was just one problem: he had been diagnosed with a liver condition, himself—fatty liver disease—which prevented his liver from being healthy enough to donate.

But that small hiccup wasn't enough to stop Camargo. Lacing up sneakers and hitting the gym for the first time in years, this dad-on-a-mission started running a whopping 6 miles per day. He also revamped his diet, sticking to a steady intake of water, vegetables and good old-fashioned portion control. So fast was his progress that in just two months he'd dropped over 30 pounds from his 210-pound frame, and his liver then had a fat percentage of less than 2 percent—healthy enough to donate.

It wasn't exactly easy, though.

"There were days when I thought my knees would give out, and all I wanted to do was stop, but I would think of my daughter and I would keep going," Camargo told GMA.

And by November 2012, little Jazlyn got that transplant she needed so desperately. Following the surgery, this devoted dad couldn't wait to see his little girl, and rushed to be by her side. "I had this adrenaline because I wanted to go see my daughter," he recently told the Chicago Sun-Times. "So when I got to the room in a wheelchair, I got up and grabbed her hand. I said, ‘Thank you God, thank you God. Please help my daughter. You helped her this far. Let her go all the way.'”

Learn more about this incredible story, and see how little Jazlyn's grown, one year later:

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