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Texas Mom Pregnant With Her THIRD Set of Twins

Texas mom due to give birth with third set of twins

Having twins these days may be far more common than it used to be ... but having three sets of twins in a row? Yikes! Yet that's the reality for one Texas mom, who's actually headed in for a scheduled C-section today.

To answer your first question (and ours): No, she's never had fertility treatments. But the real kicker? Mom Chanel Thibodeaux also has two other children in addition to all her multiples—bringing her massive brood to a whopping eight kids. And get this: She's only 26.

While news of her extraordinary pregnancy track record has been making headlines for days, no one's more surprised than Thibodeaux, herself. Her reaction when two little heartbeats were spotted on her ultrasound scan 9 months ago? "I was like, 'Are you serious?'" Thibodeaux told KXAN News, laughing.

The good news is that the soon-to-be mom of eight has plenty of helping hands around for diaper duty, naptime patrol and more. Aside from her incredibly supportive mom, Pamela Jones, and new husband, Que, Thibodeaux's 10-year-old twins, Breon and Breyanna, chip in as much as they can.

But we're betting they'll really be put to work with the arrival of their latest twin siblings. And they're sensing it, too.

"I [already] have to do a lot of stuff," Breon told reporters. "It makes it harder because I got to do [even] more stuff."

Mom's a little nervous about all the work that's about to come her way, too. Especially because she just so happens to be simultaneously working on a degree in forensic science at the University of Texas at San Antonio. ("I'll be pulling out my hair," she quipped to KXAN News reporters.)

But as for grandma—who calls her daughter's fertility "a blessing"—she's super psyched for what the two new twins will bring. She's even named them already: Lauryn and Londyn.

"There’s people who can’t have children, and she can’t stop!" Jones said. "It’s amazing. I’m happy."

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