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WATCH: This Baby on a Roomba Will Make Your Day

Video of baby riding Roomba goes viral

Remember that time you watched a cat chase a baby duckling on a Roomba—while dressed as a shark? (If not, let us refresh your memory.)

Well this clip is kind of just as great. Except that there aren't any shark costumes this time. Or ducklings. But there is one cute-as-a-button 7-month-old, expertly hitching a ride on the back of the motorized vacuum. All while Chamillionaire's "Riding Dirty" plays.

Pretty cute, huh? But of course, this little guy isn't the only baby to ever ride a Roomba.

There was baby Aria, who did it while wearing her pink onesie (and a permanent look of shock):

...and this kid, who may or may not have broken the Roomba in just under a minute:

And then there were the parents who cleverly stacked their kid's Bumbo chair on top of the Roomba, for premium cruising. (Don't worry, no one gets hurt.)

Too cute.

Image via YouTube

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