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Adorable Boy Dances With Street Performer, Has Moves for Days

Kid upstages street performer by free styling

Who doesn't love a good street performer? The wacky, crowd-pleasing antics, the silly getups, the nonstop music performers play ... no matter what city you're in, they always manage to provide some unconventional entertainment. And when they call on the kids in the crowd? Forget it.

Take this clip from a street performance in some undisclosed location. It isn't exactly new, but it's the first time we've spotted it. (Thanks, HuffPost). Tourists gather around a performer—clad in nothing but colorful spandex biking gear—as he's dancing around the pavement to We Speak No Americano. When he spots a boy in the corner, bopping slightly to the beat, he has funny feeling this kid has got even better moves in him. And boy, was he right...

Watch as this kid takes center stage, busts out some seriously advanced moves, and totally out-dances the street performer. It's one of the most adorable freestyles we've seen yet.

Image via YouTube

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