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Jimmy Fallon's Baby Is Psyched for 2014

Jimmy Fallon's daughter, Winnie, parties on New Year's Eve

If you didn't already get the memo, Jimmy Fallon's daughter, Winnie, is basically the most adorable thing ever. Since she first made her debut back in August, the 5-month-old has been captured in various states of cuteness on her dad's Instagram. And each one is better than the last.

There was the time she was a chicken for Halloween ... and then a turkey for Thanksgiving ... and then that time she stuck her tongue out at dad while wearing a bear onesie.

Winnie's latest close-up came on New Year's Eve, when her proud papa uploaded a new sweet photo of her, eagerly awaiting the ball drop. Needless to say, it's pretty adorable, too!

"I heard 2014 is gonna be even more fun than 2013. #HappyNewYear #BabyNewYear" read the photo's caption—which then promptly earned over 66,000 likes.

Yep; we're betting the new year will be a pretty big one for the Fallons. After all, Winnie's going to be busy learning to crawl and walk, mastering the art of eating solids (and then flinging them across the kitchen), and maybe even saying her first words. Meanwhile, dad will be doing a little thing called taking over the Tonight Show for Jay Leno. (No big deal.)

Image via Instagram

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