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Couple's 'Graduation Video' Reveals Major Baby News

If 2013 taught us anything, it was that we're all suckers for some great "surprise" announcement videos. There was Marina Shifrin's famous "I Quit" video ... and the "Where's My Baby At?" video, featuring the Taylors, rapping about their baby-to-be. Yep, we do like a good reveal.

And it looks like we can add one more to our pile of favorites in 2014.

The latest announcement video going viral is one from soon-to-be graduates and soon-to-be parents, Jennika and Sam Anderson. The couple, who have been three years this week, will be saying goodbye to Utah State University in May, and, as it happens, saying hello to a little bundle of joy in June.

So they decided to have a little fun with their baby news and make an announcement video under the guise of celebrating their upcoming graduation:

Sam, who will be graduating with an MIS degree, told HuffPost Parents via email they thought that dropping the news in a unique video would be fun for everyone. And he was right. "We have some nieces and nephews, and we wanted to do a video call on Google Plus [to] watch our 'graduation' video with them and our siblings," he said.

The couple shared the video with family over Thanksgiving break, and, according to Sam, "The buildup was such that they didn't expect it. Soon we were laughing, jumping, screaming and crying tears of joy in their kitchen."

So sweet.

Image via YouTube

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