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High-Tech Fork Helps Track Your Eating Rate

Yesterday, we reported on how scientists showed when if you eat slower, you actually consume fewer calories. And today, there's an app for that! More specifically, HAPIfork is a digitized fork that helps track how fast you're eating.

If you bring the fork to your mouth too quickly, the fork vibrates in your mouth, and the app that's connected by Bluetooth tells you to slow down. Creators of the fork say the ideal time in between bites is about 10 seconds.

Before you begin using the fork, it does require some setup with questions like "What type of eater are you?" If you're a picker or a scooper, your results and tracking adapt to your eating style.

Of course, the app and fork aren't perfect yet. Reviews say that the app is a bit slow and the fork isn't the best at tracking if you change up your eating style midway through your meal. But bottom line: This is an innovative way to time how quickly you're eating, which could, in turn, save you some calories. Dig in!

Image via HAPI.com

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