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VIRAL: 4-Year-Old Covers 'Frozen's' 'Let It Go'

4-year-old sings Frozen's "Let It Go"

Chances are, if you've taken your kids to see Disney's Frozen in the last month, you've been listening to the soundtrack on loop for 30 days straight. But don't act like you haven't enjoyed every minute of it. Unlike most kids' movie soundtracks, this one won't make you to want to bang your head against the steering wheel or jump out the window after the millionth listen.

And for one Disney-loving 4-year-old named Ella, Frozen's soundtrack has become something of an obsession lately. So in love is she with its breakout track, "Let It Go," that when her Uncle Danny told her she could record a cover of the song recently, she was (needless to say) pretty psyched.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, her cover of the ballad has now made the rounds—appearing everywhere from the Huffington Post to the Facebook page of one of Frozen's producers, where (rumor has it) Idina Menzel herself gave it a listen.

Here's little Ella's cover. We may have no idea what she's saying, but boy does she sing with passion...

And if that got you in the mood for one more listen of the original, here's Idina Menzel's version:

Now go ahead and belt it out in the shower. (You know you want to.)

Image via YouTube

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