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Family of 'Brain-Dead' Jahi McMath Moves Her From Hospital

The family of Jahi McMath, a 13-year-old girl who was declared brain-dead last month after complications from a tonsillectomy, moved McMath from an Oakland hospital to another location Sunday night, according to Yahoo.

Citing "real concerns" about the girl's safety, according to the Los Angeles Times, the family's lawyer, Christopher Dolan, said that the new location will remain undisclosed.

"It's brought out the best in people and the worst in people," Dolan told the Associated Press, about the contentious case that has received criticism about medical ethics. "We've had people make threats from around the country. It's sad people act that way, so for Jahi's safety and for those around her, we will not be saying where she went or where she is."

McMath suffered from cardiac arrest and heavy bleeding after a complicated tonsillectomy on December 9. Five separate doctors declared the girl brain-dead, according to the Times.

While the girl was then placed on a ventilator and feeding tube at Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland, the hospital argued to remove life support, saying that McMath was legally dead and it was "unethical to perform medical procedures on a dead person," writes the AP.

McMath's family—her mother, Nailah Winkfield, in particular—disagrees, saying that her heart is still beating. A court order also prevented the hospital from removing the tubes.

A resolution was reached to transfer the girl to the custody of her mother via the coroner, with the stipulation that Winkfield would be held accountable for any health developments, including if McMath went into cardiac arrest.

The Alameda County, Calif., coroner's office has issued a death certificate for McMath with the date of death listed as December 12, but it remains incomplete, because no cause of death has been listed, according to the AP.

Photo via Yahoo!

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