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Old Spice Commercial Is The Weirdest Thing You'll See All Week

Old Spice Mom Song is hilarious and weird

It's true; we moms can have a hard time letting go. Sometimes it's the first day of school that gets us; or seeing them off on their first prom. And for others, it's the bittersweet day our boys finally turn into men—by slapping on some Old Spice and heading out the door. (Yep, that can really get you.)

The good folks at Old Spice—who so brilliantly brought us the Old Spice Man a few years ago–have gone ahead and made another sure-to-go-viral ad that teeters on the brink of ridiculousness. This time, it's about mom–and her inability to let go now that her little boy's all grown up. And while that may sound all sweet and stuff, just wait 'til you watch.

The clip captures several moms in the throes of some over-the-top separation anxiety, brought on by their sons' first spritz of deodorant ... and it has them going to great lengths to still be a part of their very "manly" new lives. Watch as they hide behind their son's bedroom doors, emerge from inside the couch cushions, and tag along on dates—by sitting in a laundry basket and holding on to the bumper. (You know, generally being a total creep.) Oh, and whatever is going on at 0:30 is definitely going to haunt our dreams...

That being said, though, it's all pretty hilarious. Disturbingly hilarious, but hilarious.

See for yourself:

Image via YouTube

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