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Clever Mom Creates 3-in-1 Diaper Tote, and Needs Your Help to Get It In Stores

We don't have to tell you that bringing a new baby home changes approximately everything. Aside from all the obvious ways things are now different, there's the matter of all that stuff they bring with them—from the binkies to the Exersaucer to all those noisemaking toys they just can't live without. But if you've ever stood in the middle of your no-longer-clutter-free living room and mourned its loss, or tried (and failed) to travel without packing the entire nursery in the back of your SUV … there's hope for you yet.

Aussie mama Gemma Beriman has launched a clever little brand called Moon Mama, and it's here to make all our lives a little simpler. Her first invention? One pretty awesome diaper bag: the 3-in-1 Take-Off Tote (or TOTS bag). Get this: it's a diaper bag, nursing pillow, and activity gym/tummy time mat all in one. (And no, it doesn't weigh a million pounds.)

The idea was born out of a particularly frustrating trip Gemma took with her husband and new baby, Hudson. Unable to pack much, it left her wondering how she could ever possibly simplify things, and have everything she needed for Hudson when she was away from home. Soon the wheels started turning, and voilà!: the Take-Off Tote was born.

Now all that's needed is enough funding to really get the brand off the ground, which is where you come in. Want to help fund this mom's clever invention and see it in stores? Donate now to her Kickstarter page, and learn more about her story here:

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