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This 'Thank You, Mom' Ad Will Get You All Sorts of Emotional

Oh, the job of mom. It can be a lot of kissing boo-boos and wiping noses. But let's not forget all the cheering on and picking up when kids fall that happens, too—those are the moments that can have lasting effects. Procter & Gamble touchingly reminds us of this in the company's latest ad, "Pick Them Back Up," which shows moms encouraging their kids from those very first steps to their very first strides at the Olympic Games. And it's all pretty heartwarming.

This latest installment is all part of the brand's "Thank You, Mom" Olympic-themed campaign, which first tugged on our heartstrings back in 2012 with this similarly emotional ad. Now that the Winter Games are right around the corner, the folks at Procter & Gamble must have decided to dust off the mom-centric ad campaign for a refreshed round of tear-jerking promos.

(And trust us, they're on to something here. We dare you to not get a little worked up.)

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