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Mom Delivers Baby Into the Pantleg of Her Onesie Pajamas

Baby boy (0-3 months) lying on back
Photograph by Getty Images

Babies. They always seem to arrive at the most inopportune times: on an overseas flight, in the middle of a Wal-Mart parking lot, inside a Subway bathroom ... we could go on forever.

And now here's one more to add to that growing list of weird: somewhere in the UK this week, a baby was literally born into the leg of his mom's pj's. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), these weren't just any old pajamas; this was a full-body, adult-size onesie that (for some reason) his mom was allowed to leave the house in.

According to Time, Jessica Wynter, 21, was on her way to the hospital when her son Kye "popped out with little warning and snuggled into the foot of the onesie she was wearing." (How's that for a bizarre visual?)

“I undid the zip of her onesie and there he was, tucked up safely in the garment’s leg,” Wynter’s mom told Metro. “If she hadn’t had it on, I dread to think what might have happened. It was really scary stuff.”

Just a wild guess here, but we're willing to bet Wynter would probably have just reached down and caught the baby herself, in the event there was no onesie. Still, the mom and daughter are heaping some major praise on the pajama set.

“The onesie saved my baby’s life,” Wynter insisted, before adding that it's now been washed and will be a keepsake for years to come.

One thing's for sure: This kid has a killer conversation starter for life, should he choose to use it.

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