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That Onesie Can Do What?

Wearable technology is all the rage these days. But one question we can't help but ask is whether we'd actually buy a watch that has apps or can answer our phone. Is it really that useful?

(We can just see it: 10 years down the road when we can't imagine how we lived without rings that do our bidding and bras that tell us how much we weigh.) Then we saw this: A smart onesie.

Intel introduced the newest in baby clothing at the Consumer Electronics Show this week; but unlike many of the products showcased at CES, the onesie isn't just an idea; it's reality, and it's shipping this week! (The starter pack reportedly costs $199.)

So what exactly does a smart onesie do? Engadget is calling it the "baby monitor of the future" and, frankly, that's a great description. And then some. The device monitors your baby's breathing, body position, activity level and skin temperature. The green stripes are sensors and the removable turtle clip has an Intel chip inside of it—think of it as a tiny computer that's as mobile as your baby. Cool, right?

What really sealed the deal for us was the fact that you can then go and check all these figures on ... you guessed it: an app! Check on your baby's health status at a glance and know that everything is normal. We could definitely see this gadget being useful (no more hassling with thermometers!).

What do you think? Will you be buying a smart onesie?

Image via Engadget

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