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Mom Cybershames Her Cyberbully Daughter ... Wait, What?

cyber bully
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bullying is a big problem in our kids' schools. But the walls of the classroom can't contain students aiming to put down fellow peers—children are taking to the Internet to continue the pressure. No news there.

While we've said it before, we'll say it again: Parents can be the first and strongest line of defense against bullying both in the classroom and at home, on the Web. But after this recent story, we're wondering: Are some parents taking their defensive line too seriously?

A Redditor posted this photo, saying that a mom made her daughter post this photo after she cyberbullied someone:

The daughter's message read that she had made bad decisions on social media and as her punishment, she is selling her iPod and donating the proceeds to Beat Bullying, a charity that helps stop bullying.

A heated debate has broken out about whether or not the mom did a good or bad thing. Was she only perpetuating the bullying?

It's clear she was trying to teach her daughter a lesson in the hope that she would be so embarrassed (and upset about losing her iPod) that she'd never bully again. But it can be argued that because she made her daughter a victim, she may just be unintentionally making sure that her daughter will bully again.

Bottom line: The sentiment is there, and this mom is trying to stop bad behaviors. We just hope it works.

Image via Facebook.com/FoxFriendsFirst

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