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Mom to Give Birth to Her Granddaughter

Studio Shot Of Grandmother Cuddling Granddaughter
Photograph by iStockphoto

Most parents would move the earth if it meant keeping their children happy and safe. Add a grandchild to the mix, and their motivation increases at least tenfold.

Normally, we'd say it's ... odd to hear about a mom giving birth to her daughter's child (oh, who are we kidding, it still is!), but this story is actually quite heartwarming! (Fun fact, too, it's actually not that unheard of.)

After multiple tries and numerous miscarriages, Lorena McKinnon and her husband began searching for surrogates. With little success, her mom stepped up. "As a family, we have to help each other," says the to-be grandmom. And help she did: Julia Navarro, 58, is serving as a surrogate for her daughter's baby.

Of course, it hasn't been entirely painless: Navarro had to undergo three months of hormone shots before the embryo could be implanted. And because Navarro is nearly 60, there was also a less than 50 percent chance that the embryo would implant—luckily, the procedure took!

While the couple waits around for their new child, they are attending counseling sessions with Navarro to fully understand what the surrogacy situation means. In normal instances, the surrogate and couple don't know each other.

Navarro's granddaughter is due in early February. Best of luck to the whole family!

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