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WATCH: Awesome Teacher Breakdances for Students

Brooklyn teacher breakdances for students

In every high school, there are the "cool" teachers and then there are ... well, all the rest. They joke around in class, they talk to you like a peer, and they generally make you hate being in high school a little less. Brooklyn teacher Mikey Satira is clearly one of the cool ones. But not for any of the reasons you may be thinking.

This week, in the cafeteria of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School where he teaches, Satira whipped out some seriously impressive breakdancing moves—and unofficially earned himself a spot in the Hall of Fame of World's Most Awesome Teachers.

If we remember our breakdance lingo correctly, it looks like he broke out some windmills, a sit spin ... and other things that make our back hurt just looking at them. And because this is 2014, the whole thing was naturally caught on one of his students' phones and immediately uploaded to Vine, where it has since gone viral.

Check it out:

Impressed? By the looks of his Facebook page, it seems as if Satira is pretty proud of how far his little cafeteria breakdance has made it, sweetly posting in a status yesterday: "My prayer for today ... May all this fun and excitement over me doing windmills in the cafeteria help me in my life's mission to make a positive impact on the youth."

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