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Couple Asks Internet to Name Their Baby, Results Are (Mostly) Terrible

Couple lets the Internet  name their baby
Photograph by Getty Images

Deciding on the perfect baby name can be hard. All those books and online name finder tools to pore over; all the possible ways in which your kid's name could be used to taunt them in future high school years. We get it, it's a lot to consider. But it being 2014 and all, we guess we're not so surprised that one couple decided to skirt that whole process all together and just ask the Internet what it thinks.

On NameMyDaughter.com, Stephen McLaughlin and his wife recently called upon strangers to submit their favorite name suggestions for their soon-to-be daughter, arriving April 2. All in all, a whopping 7,000 name suggestions flooded in for both first and middle names—as well as votes from other site visitors as to which were their favorites.

So what were the top 10 contenders? As you might expect, it's a whole lot of weird:

1. Cthulhu

2. Amelia

3. Megatron

4. Luna

5. Zelda

6. Laquisha

7. Streetlamp

8. Charlotte

9. Not Zelda

10. Slagathor

Hmmm … think Cthulhu Slagathor McLaughlin has a nice ring to it? Yeah, we don't either.

But in a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, McLaughlin said he's excited about the whole thing, and happy that he'll one day have "an awesome story to tell [his daughter] when she gets married." (Married? How about when she's old enough to go to kindergarten and realize there's no one else named Streetlamp on the roster?)

If you're wondering where the whole idea came from, McLaughlin says it was a random idea that came to him one day after work. A software developer in Kelowna, British Columbia, the dad-to-be told CTVNews.ca, "I came home one day and was talking to my wife about naming our daughter and said, 'You know, I should ask the Internet because that's what I do for a living.'"

What do you think the couple should name the baby?

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