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Gisele Lands Herself In Another Photo Controversy

Oh, Gisele. Always causing a stir.

There was that time she proclaimed that breastfeeding should become a law. And then more recently, when she was snapped breast-feeding in this photo "multitasking"—or, sitting as her beauty team multitasked—which caused a lot of eyes to roll.

And now, she's back in some hot water again after a photo was snapped of her with her daughter, Vivian Lake, while riding an ATV—without helmets. (Do they even have them for 1-year-olds?)

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The photo was first picked up by TMZ, which now has a poll going to see whether or not people think Gisele's actions are "reckless" or not worth causing a media firestorm. So far, the results are 50/50.

What do you think of the photo?

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