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WATCH: Parents-to-Be Make Horror Film Baby Announcement

Couple make horror film baby announcement

Let's face it—bringing a baby into the world for the first time is terrifying. So terrifying, in fact, that one creative couple decided to make light of that fact in their recent baby announcement video, shot in the style of a horror film trailer. (How on-point.)

In the 1-minute, 40-second clip, Brandon Pitts and his wife start to believe something's wrong with their oven. It's making funny noises, the burners are turning on all by themselves ... and, frankly, it just looks creepy.

Is something inside the oven? See for yourself:

Ah, yes—an actual bun. Why didn't we suspect that?

We're loving all the creative baby news videos that have been cropping up lately—from the "Where's My Baby At?" music video to that graduation surprise video a few weeks back.

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