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Disney Characters Come to Life With Artist's Help

At a certain age (and, for some, all ages), Disney has a strong hold on kids and parents. There are TV shows, online games, touring shows, singers and more. When we think back on Disney, a few movies come to mind: Aladdin, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, which are filled with animated characters who tell a wonderful story. Perhaps that's why we loved them so much, because these characters could do little wrong—they weren't human, really; they were beyond. Until now.

Artist and graphic designer Karen Graw took it upon herself to bring life to some of our favorite characters using photo manipulation. From Cruella de Vil to Cinderella and Pocahontas, the images of (fake) men and women give the Disney characters human faces. We can either relate to them or feel disappointed that some of the "magic" is gone.

Normally this would be a great thing—Mulan's hair doesn't really fall that way; Rapunzel's hair gets in knots on the daily; but no, these human-like faces still seem to be perfect. No pimples that our girls can relate to (unless they look up to Ursula or Quasimodo), no homework that they have to do.

If you were to bring Disney characters to life, how would you change them? Would you make them more realistic or keep them as they are?

Image via Karen Graw

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