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Devil Baby Terrorizes Innocent Civilians

Say you're walking down the street minding your own business and you see an abandoned carriage with a crying baby inside ... you're going to to go check it out. As parents, it feels like it's our duty to make sure everything is OK, and if not, we can at least call the police. But then, something unexpected happens. You'll never believe what that baby is capable of when you take a peek inside the stroller.

The "Devil Baby Attack" has definitely gone viral and while the video is slightly disturbing, we've got to say, it's also pretty hilarious as well. Sure, the mechanical baby is frightening, but the looks on peoples' faces and their reactions? Priceless.

Turns out it's a promotional campaign for the movie Devil's Due, in theaters today.

Just watch as a remote-controlled baby and stroller go around terrorizing New York City's streets. Don't worry, though, everyone understands that it's a prank in the end!

Image via YouTube

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