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Nun Gives Birth in Italy, Had 'No Idea' She Was Pregnant

Italian nun gives birth, had no idea she was pregnant
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Watch out, TLC; this week, the Catholic Church is giving you a run for your money.

In the mother of all I-didn't-know-I-was-pregnant stories, a Salvadoran nun was recently admitted to a hospital in Italy for stomach pains, where she wound up giving birth to a 9-pound baby boy. (Surprise!)

According to reports, the new mother is 33-year-old nun Roxana Rodriguez, who insists she had no idea she was pregnant at all. Her fellow nuns at "Little Disciples of Jesus" are also reportedly "very surprised" by the whole thing. (And by "very surprised," we're thinking they mean "slightly miffed," considering that whole vow of chastity thing they went in on together.)

Now, you might think that having a surprise baby would throw a wrench in your life plans when you've been ordained into a life of religious devotion. But the Daily Mail reports that Sister Roxana is actually over-the-moon about her new son. As she allegedly told one of the hospital staffers, "I am so happy. I feel more of a mother than a nun, I think that's obvious. I decided to call him Francis in honor of our wonderful South American pope. I do not feel of guilt. I will be keeping him and bringing him up."

And in case you were wondering (because we certainly were), Sister Roxana isn't exactly claiming this was all the work of another Immaculate Conception. In fact, she pretty much confessed details of a tryst to her convent’s mother superior, Sister Erminia, who later told reporters, “It seems she was not able to resist temptation.”

No word yet on who the father is, but somebody had better call Maury, stat...

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