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Middle-Schooler Gets Surprise of His Life During Basketball Free Throw

Middle-schooler surprised by military mom's homecoming

Not sure about you, but we are total suckers for all of these surprise military homecoming videos that keep cropping up. You know, when military moms and dads return home early to totally freak out their kids—and get it all caught on camera by the local news station. They get us every time.

That's why this latest viral video, featuring middle schooler Derrick Jenkins, is right up our alley.

Until last Thursday, Derrick hadn't seen his mom in eight long months. That's because mom is really Lieutenant Colonel Cotina Jenkens-Sellers, who had been away serving in Kuwait. But to make up for everything she's missed over the last year, Cotina devised the perfect homecoming ever—during one of Derrick's basketball games.

First, Cotina arranged for the ref to call a fake technical foul on Derrick, who was no doubt bummed about the bogus call. But little did he know that while all eyes were on him, his mom was quietly being ushered onto the court behind him by his coaches.

Standing behind her son during his last missed basket, Cotina finally broke her silence, by saying, "Aww, that's all right, Derrick." (Thereby prompting Derrick to give the best reaction ever.)

Watch it all go down:

Image via KSAT

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