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Mom Doesn't See Why Pulling Kids in a Wagon Behind Her Car Is a Big Deal

Photograph by Twenty20

We all want to give our kids the kind of fun summer memories we have from our own childhoods—however, some of the socially acceptable ways to have fun when we were growing up are not only unacceptable today, but also against the law.

A Springfield, Oregon, mom is in jail and facing three counts of reckless endangerment after she took her kids on a joyride recently. The mom, Alana Donahue, was arrested after police received multiple calls from concerned motorists about a woman in a white Ford Taurus pulling a plastic wagon—attached by rope to the car's bumper—around a traffic circle with two small children inside. One concerned caller told police they'd nearly hit the wagon.

The two children in the wagon, ages 3 and 5, were not the only ones who'd taken a dangerous ride. Donahue's 8-year-old nephew also had ridden in the wagon being pulled by the car.

Several drivers apparently stopped their cars to confront the mom about the danger she was putting her children in, but she drove away. Several witnesses took photos and video of the incident.

One witness told the Springfield police that at one point, the wagon's front two wheels came off the ground and was rolling only on its back two wheels. It was at that point that the 3-year-old began crying, so Donahue stopped, put the child in the car and allowed the other children to continue riding in the wagon behind the car.

Neighbors alerted the 8-year-old's father to what was going on, and he came and took the boy home before the police arrived. Meanwhile, the boy's mother, who lives in another state, saw photos of her son riding in the wagon behind the car on social media and called local police.

Other drivers tried to confront the mom, but she told them to "be an adult about it" and to "mind their own business."

When police arrived, Donahue told them she “didn’t understand what the problem was because she was only driving 5 mph and she just wanted to show the kids a good time.” She was initially charged with two counts of child endangerment, but when photos were provided to Springfield police of the 8-year-old riding in the wagon being pulled by the car, Donahue was charged with a third count.

According to local police, the Department of Human Services placed the children with their father after Donahue was arrested.

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