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Family Explores the World for a Year, Creates Inspiring Short Film

Family travels the world for one year

January always gets everyone thinking about new beginnings—new diets, new goals, new outlooks and more. But for some, it inspires them to think a little outside the box in terms of what will truly make them happy.

In January 2012, the Levin-Flackett family sat down like the rest of us and took a good, hard look at their lives. And they asked themselves, just how much were they really living, anyway? That's when they decided to flip the script, drop everything for a year, pack up the family and travel the world.

What resulted was a family bonding experience like no other; and what they learned from it all has been pretty priceless.

Speaking with the Huffington Post, mom Jennifer said: "We ended up knowing our kids in the way that you can only know someone if you travel as a roving pack for 365 days, sharing train cars and tiny apartments and hotel rooms, for better or for worse. We also [learned] about what we needed in our life, separate from all our stuff."

"We read books about the places we traveled (though we traveled faster than we read), we studied the economies and religions of nearly every place we visited. We learned all we could about each place's history and culture," Jennifer continued.

But the best part? Mom and dad just so happen to be filmmakers who've written, produced or directed projects ranging from The Wonder Years to Nim's Island—so, naturally, they were going to document their year of travel on camera. After 365 days of exploring six continents, 38 countries and 110 cities, the parents compiled one second of film footage from each day into one powerful short film titled A Year to Think. The resulting 365-second film may just have you wanting to drop everything and take off, too.

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