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VIRAL: Woman Confronts Teacher Who Abused Her, Records Entire Thing

Woman confronts abuser on YouTube

At 28, Jamie Carillo is living with emotional scars many of us would find unbearable to keep hidden. That's because from ages 12 to 20, Jamie was repeatedly abused sexually by a woman she was told she could trust: her teacher.

It may have taken her years to get to this point, but recently Jamie worked up the courage to bring charges against her abuser. You can only imagine then how devastated she was to learn the statute of limitations prevented her from prosecuting at all. "She will never have to pay for the things that she did to me,” Jamie later wrote online.

So she decided to take matters into her own hands. Propping up her webcam, Jamie bravely called the new school where her former teacher—now an assistant principal—was working. She wanted to confront her, and force her to admit all the years of abuse and unspeakable damage she had caused. And last but not least, she wanted to get it all on camera. Then she uploaded it to YouTube.

Watch and listen as Jamie finally has the last word with her abuser, Ms. Cardosa:

While no other reports of abuse have come forward in the days since this video first hit YouTube, BuzzFeed reports that Ms. Cardosa has resigned as assistant principal at the high school.

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